In the United States today, one out of every nine working people are now selling something. This means that there are nearly fifteen million people whose profession is to “sell” according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of the millions of people that sell, only 13% now account for fully 73% of all of the revenues produced by salespeople. To help address this issue, companies spend tens of billions of dollars each year on training and sales management systems with no overall improvements in their sales organization’s performance. In fact, over the past decade while this spending has skyrocketed, the problem has only gotten worse.

Why? Because businesses are looking for the right answers in the wrong places.

Top performing salespeople are highly sought after in every industry. No matter what company they work for and what products or services they are selling, these people almost always manage to outperform their peers no matter where they go. Due to the relatively small number of these high performers, organizations of all sizes try to clone, systemize, and reproduce their performance at the company level while continuing to fail in producing incremental results.

So why are businesses continuing to fail in their attempts to fix this problem? Because top sales performance is not a business system problem at the company level but rather a performance system problem at a personal level.

In this new ground-breaking book written by author and award-winning industry veteran Dustin Ruge, millions of aspiring salespeople can now learn the secrets to what truly makes top salespeople “the best” in any industry and how they can now accomplish the same level of results in their own careers. This must-read book is what every salesperson and sales organization has been seeking for decades and will soon be available to help them reach the highest performance in their careers and in life.

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