“My customers don’t find me on Facebook, they search for me on Google” That was a response I received recently when I asked a group I spoke to how much time are they spending on optimizing their Facebook results for search. Clearly there was a disconnect here…

By now, it should be no surprise to most people that Facebook is to social media what Google has been the search. Each companies’ names alone have literally become a verb to their own users.  But is that changing?

Every day, Google receives and manages around 3.5 billion search queries. But Facebook now handles 1.5 billion search queries a day and even more impressive is the fact that unlike Google that indexes content from throughout the web, including Facebooks content, Facebook only indexes their own content. In short, Facebook is handling over 42% (and growing) of Google’s current search volume yet I continue to hear from business owners that their customers don’t find them on Facebook. Bottom line: if 1.5 billion searches take place on Facebook each day, those search results are only going to ONE PLACE…Facebook!

Many products and services are now searched for on Facebook with China standing out as one of the largest countries of users literally using Facebook as their form of Amazon.com when it comes to online search and fulfillment. In the US, we are seeing many different uses but either way, businesses cannot ignore Facebook search and here are a few ways you can help take advantage of this growing trend…



First, if haven’t yet done so already, you need to claim and optimize your free Facebook business page: https://www.facebook.com/business/pages. Make sure to complete all of the information correctly and thoroughly and always make sure it stays updated over time. There are over 60 million Facebook business pages so you need to make sure you stand out and show properly when searched. This means that all phone numbers, emails, and company names should be published EXACTLY how they display on your website and other business listing properties.

Second, make sure to now include a cover video in place of the previous cover photo at the top of your page. This is especially important for mobile users who will see your video running when they visit your Facebook business page and can click on it to listen and learn more. Video has now become the most preferred content on the web, thanks largely to mobile, so make sure you place it everywhere and especially at the top of your business page.

Third, make sure you have an active reviews solicitation process in place that includes links to your Facebook business page reviews section. Set a goal of how many reviews you want to receive each month and remember with 75% of American’s now with a Facebook account, this is the easiest platform to receive reviews on. And for those of you who still think that your customers only find you in search on Google and not on Facebook, take a look at the results you will see for business searches in Google and where those Facebook businesses pages (including their reviews) are showing up – which is usually near the top of the organic search results. Recent studies have also shown that consumers prefer Facebook reviews (26% of the time) second only to Google reviews (at 28% of the time) so remember that both review platforms are important – not just Google’s.

Fourth, consistently post highly-engaging and useful content to your Facebook page. Facebook has become an extremely valuable tool to reach consumers, especially during the discovery phase of their buying journey with recent studies showing that the majority of consumers have now discovered a brand or service through Facebook. And for those of you still stuck in the old world of linear marketing attribution, it is important for you to now understand how delayed conversions work as part of your today’s customer journey when doing business with you. So how do you know if your content is engaging? Simply start by looking at the engagement and relevance scores for each of your Facebook posts and ads. Don’t be surprised when you see your video content outperforming your previously written blog content. Remember: people don’t want to read on their mobile devices anymore…they want to watch. Nobody (except Facebook) knows for certain how they rank business pages but we do know that the most active pages with the most engaging content tend to perform the best.


People who claim that search only takes place on Google remind me of the people who decades ago relied heavily on the Yellow Pages to grow their businesses. Back then, the phone book was search. These people eventually evolved to Google with the same thinking – the ONE PLACE to be found in search. But with mobile, information is now omnipresent and search is no longer exclusive or linear. And when the fastest growing player of search is now 40% of the search volume of the biggest kid on the block, it’s time to take notice before you get left behind again…

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