98% of Most Expensive Keywords in PPC Are Now Legal | August 2018

98% of Most Expensive Keywords in PPC Are Now Legal | August 2018

I recently ran an updated report of the most expensive Pay-Per-Click (PPC) terms in Google and found the following:
– 98% of the top 50 most expensive terms were legal (Personal Injury related)
– 100% of the top 25 most expensive terms were legal (Personal Injury related)
– The #1 most expensive term was “houston maritime lawyers” at a cost of $948 per click.

So what news trends are we seeing as a result of these numbers…

The Most Expensive Keywords 2018







































So what have we learned since I last ran this report back in March and even way back in 2016?

  • The total number of top 50 spenders from legal has increased from 78% in 2016 to 98% in 2018.
  • Maritime” lawyer paid ads continue to increase significantly since 2016
  • The cost of the top 25 terms have increased significantly – almost doubling in cost-per-click in less than 2 years and 7% alone over the past 5 months of 2018


  1. Can I still make money running PPC Ads as an attorney? 
  2. How do I calculate Return-On-Investment (ROI) on my PPC ads? 
  3. How will voice-based search impact my PPC campaigns? 
  4. How can I now track my digital marketing results? 

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