How Is Your Marketing Different?

How Is Your Marketing Different?

“I thought it would be so funny to do this,’‘ said Realtor Bambi Case. “It’s a different way of marketing.”

Marketing Differentiation


I have frequently told businesses for decades that marketing is all about putting the right product/service at the right place at the right time and at the right price. But is that enough? Well, realtor Bambi Case of Omaha might have another category to add here when she recently decided to take pictures with her new listing in her T-REX costume… 


Short of auto ads, no other marketing may seem as ordinary and common to the average every-day consumer as real estate ads. And since real estate makes up roughly 18% of our economy, it is a hard segment to ignore. So when it comes to real estate – short of the house itself and maybe the price, most of the advertising seems, well, similar. And similar can be the death of competitive marketing in today’s world because people have a very hard time initially…


Consumers today are bombarded by over 4,000 marketing messages and day – a whopping 700% increase over the past 40 years. Consumers today may recognize similar but they cannot distinguish it from other similars…especially in the same industry segments. Which is why realtors and marketers in general can learn a lot from Bambi by constantly asking themselves…

HOW DO I STAND OUT?Coco Chanel Being Different

Now, just to be clear, most consumers are not looking to buy a home with a T-REX running around – especially in Omaha Nebraska. Trust me – I grew up in Nebraska and this time of year there is only one real focus that requires no further attention: Nebraska Football. But when is the last time you saw a real estate ad that you truly remembered? One that grabbed your attention and made you look and even consider? Now some may argue that this is no way to sell a home…and from a qualitative perspective alone they may be right. But the first step in getting somebody to consider your quality is to get their attention and in today’s world of over-loaded marketing stimulation, that can be as simple at donning a T-Rex costume and, well, turning your listing into a D-rated squeal of Jurassic Park.


In the end, marketing is not complicated. Most people however make it more complicated because when it comes to critical and creative thinking, we more often than not gravitate to the similar because in our own minds it is familiar. Now, familiarity as a brand is gold when it is unique but when it is awash with too many similar choices, consumers get confused and a confused mind always says “no.” So my guess is Bambi the dinosaur will sell her home and will appear again soon in another squeal in Omaha. In the mean time, I will now update my definition of effective marketing…even though I still hate dinosaurs.

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