Dear Friends,

As we continue to socially distance to flatten the curve with the coronavirus, we know that there can be negative side effects both personally and economically that can lead to issues dealing with depression, substance abuse, domestic violence, and sadly even suicide. Recent reports in the growing number of calls received by suicide hotlines alone reinforce this new reality. 

It is important that everybody knows that no matter how dire our circumstances may seem at any one time in our loves, that suicide is not and never will be the answer to our problems. 

In order to help those who are currently at risk of suicide as a result of the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, I AM OFFERING A FREE COPY of my recently released best-selling book BEYOND THE GREY SKY for those who may now need it the most until this crisis is over. (download link at the bottom of this page)

So, if you or somebody you know is considering suicide as an answer to this current crisis, I encourage you download a free copy of my book today. My goal is simple here; to help save lives! So please help me in this effort so we can all recover from this together.


Dustin W. Ruge