Dustin Ruge has been speaking to organizations both large and small for decades and they continue to ask him to come back again and again for a reason: Dustin delivers! If your organization needs to increase your sales, improve your marketing effectiveness, and/or find better ways to stand out from your competition in today’s highly competitive and complex digital environment, Dustin has a keynote that will deliver – guaranteed!

“Most organizations who ask me to speak need three simple things: GREATER MOTIVATION, INNOVATIVE INSIGHTS, and BETTER RESULTS. That is exactly what I promise to deliver to each and every group I speak to.” – DR


“Salespeople rule the world — in marketing, politics and personal achievement. If you want to become one of them, here’s the best book with the most tips on how to do it.”

Sam Donaldson - Legendary ABC News Anchor

“Dustin has a unique and uncanny ability to speak and write about complex digital sales and marketing which is why we ask him to speak at The National Trial Lawyers Association Annual Summit each year. He simply nails it on this subject.”

Harlan Schillinger

“When it comes to cutting-edge digital sales and marketing trends, Dustin is clearly one of the top and most trusted industry leaders in the space.”

Warren Levenbaum, CEO, Law Tigers

“Your presentation was fantastic and inspirational”

Jean Manifesto, Esq.

“If you have ever heard Dustin speak you will know why so many people now consider him to be one of the top thought leaders in digital sales and marketing today.”

Andy Rogers, VP of Sales, Walker Advertising

“If you are in sales, you have got to get to know Dustin”

Grant Cardone

“It’s amazing to find someone like Dustin, who has such an understanding of professional advertising”

Larry Deutsch, founding partner, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers

“Your presentation was the absolute best I’ve ever seen anytime, anywhere”

Kevin Rhodes, Esq

“Dustin Nailed It”

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power Magazine

Dustin provides a series of keynote speeches and continuing education presentations to business organizations across all industries and specialties. Each presentation is tailored to better address each specific organization and industry thereby providing the more relevant and actionable insights. All presentations are initially created to cover 60 minutes of time and can be decreased or increased in time upon request.


The Secrets to Becoming a Millionaire Salesperson


  • Learn the value of limited time and how to maximize your results from it
  • Learn how to understand and close any sale
  • Learn how to build energy, passion, attitude, and the drive needed to set new sales records
  • Learn how to become a master communicator and close through story telling
  • Learn how to build and leverage highly successful sales networks
  • Learn how to become a true professional in sales and make yourself your greatest competitive advantage

The Mobile Marketing Revolution


  • Learn how mobile and social is now changing everything we once knew about marketing
  • Learn why TV, radio, and print no longer work with today’s modern digital consumers
  • Learn how social media advertising is taking us from a broadcasting to a targetcasting advertising world
  • Learn how you can most effectively advertise and build your brand through mobile and social
  • Learn the new emerging trends in mobile advertising and how to apply them to your business

Building a Winning Brand in Today’s Digital World


  • Learn how neuroscience effects how consumers now react to brands in today’s digital world
  • Learn how to build and reinforce a unique brand promise and message
  • Learn how strong branding can help “warm-up” a cold audience
  • Learn how to utilize new mobile and social brand building technologies
  • Learn how to build a successful brand strategy for your own organization


Trends in Professional Marketing

(Attorneys, Agents, Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, etc.)

Length: 60 Minutes

Overview: Trends in professional marketing explores and discusses the latest updates, technologies, and best practices used by professionals to help generate new clients and customers. Professionals will come away with a better understanding of how newer technologies and marketing best practices can be utilized to help them grow their own businesses in today’s digital marketing world.

Topics are broken down into the following areas:

  • Understanding Service Radius and New Customer Conversion Issues
  • How Mobile Is Now Changing Everything You Knew About Marketing
  • How To Build a Competitive & Effective Professional Brand
  • How To Build A Strong Digital Footprint
  • The 4 Key Elements To Successful Digital Marketing

Social Media for Professionals

(Attorneys, Agents, Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, etc.)

Length: 60 Minutes

Overview: Social media for Professionals is a 60 minute presentation on the ever changing role that social media has on professionals and how to best utilize such vehicles to help improve and grow your business. Professionals will come away with a better understanding of the trends in social media, how they can best utilize social media to promote their business and the importance of social media policies. Topics are broken down into the following areas:

  • Understanding Blogs & Social Media
  • Creating a Social Media Strategy
  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media
  • Social Media & Mobile Advertising
  • Social Media Policies

Brand Management for Professionals

(Attorneys, Agents, Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, etc.)

Length: 60 Minutes

Overview: What sets you apart from other professionals and why should referrals and prospective clients and customers chose you over a competitor? As a professional, you are your brand and if you are not taking steps to define, build, and protect your brand, others will do it for you. Professional brand management provides strategies, steps, and reasons for why you should invest in your most valuable asset – yourself.

Topics are broken down into the following areas:

  • Why Building, Promoting, and Protecting Your Brand is so Important to Today’s Professional
  • How To Improve New Client/ Referral Conversion Through Personal Brand Management
  • Maximizing The Most Effective Professional Branding Properties Online
  • Hot To Create And Execute On A Personal Brand Strategy
  • Creating and Updating LinkedIn Profiles and Pages
  • Building Referral Networks Through Effective Contact Creation and Management
  • LinkedIn and the Power of Frequency Marketing
  • Using LinkedIn To Better Promote Your Brand and Business

LinkedIn Networking for Professionals

(Attorneys, Agents, Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, etc.)

Length: 60 Minutes

Overview: LinkedIn Networking for Professionals is a 60 minute presentation on the capabilities, best practices, and strategies for professionals to successfully use LinkedIn today to help grow their business. Professionals will come away with a better understanding of how other business professionals are successfully using LinkedIn and how they too can grow their networks and sales through the use of this powerful business network tool.

Topics are broken down into the following areas:


Due to Dustin’s schedule, he can only speak at selected events throughout the year. His offices are based in Scottsdale (Phoenix) Arizona so events in the greater Phoenix area will require no travel while events outside of AZ will require travel and more advanced notice. Please complete the form listed below and we will respond back to you within 48 hours. If this is an urgent last-minute request, please call us at (646) 580-8660 after you complete the form below to let us know you need immediate consideration.

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