Dustin Ruge is an award winning sales and marketing guru with over 20 + years of successful sales, marketing, and management experience. Dustin’s experience in sales, marketing, and business strategy ranges from technology startups to Fortune 500 companies where he received numerous awards and recognition for his work.

His best-selling books include THE MILLIONAIRE SALESPERSON, THE SUCCESSFUL SALES MANAGER and THE TOP 20%: Why 80% of small businesses fail at sales and marketing and how you can succeed. In addition to books, Dustin is the author of many articles and professional resources.

Known as one of the most respected and trusted digital sales and marketing strategist/coaches in the nation, Dustin is frequently referenced in major news and trade publications and regularly provides seminars, panel discussions, and keynotes for professional business organizations and associations across the nation. Dustin also hosts The Social Television Network’s “Business Leaders” program.


EXPERIENCE: Working 20+ years in sales and marketing for startups to many corporate industry giants has provided Dustin with unique insight into the opportunities and challenges faced by sales and marketing organizations today. Dustin doesn’t just speak and coach – he speaks and coaches from ongoing experience in today’s modern and digital business environment.

“Unlike many other speakers and coaches, I practice what I preach. All of my teachings come from real-world experience which is invaluable to those I work with. The more real-world experience I continue to receive, the more valuable I am to those I work with.” - DR

INNOVATION: Early on in Dustin’s career he helped blaze a trail of innovation both as an employee and a business owner. Dustin’s early ventures into internet sales, software-as-a-service, mobile, and now digital, mobile, and social sales and marketing are cutting edge and frequently revered as being ahead of market trends.

“I still remember my first software company based on a new idea that software-as-a-service would revolutionize the software industry by significantly enhancing value while dramatically lowering costs. Most people at the time called us crazy and said it would never work. History tells another story. Steve Jobs was right: Innovation is truly what distinguishes leaders at all levels from followers.” - DR

LEADERSHIP: Dustin learned the value of leadership at a young age as an Eagle Scout and later throughout his career while owning and running his own companies, sales, and marketing teams. Strong leadership is a core principle espoused by Dustin in all of his work and is the cornerstone of success for teams and organizations that he works with.

“I learned at a very young age that leadership first starts with leading by example. In today’s business world, there is a big difference between managers and leaders and the best organizations both large and small all have one thing in common – they are all run by great leaders. In my own experience, a simple change in leadership alone has dramatically changed the fortunes of many organizations.” - DR


Dustin was born in Omaha, Nebraska and is a graduate of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He currently resides in Scottsdale Arizona.

“Growing up in Nebraska and losing my father at a very early age provided me with many experiences that helped make me who I am today. I am fortunate to love my family, love what I do, and help other people better their lives through my work. I truly believe that we all have a life purpose and just as I have found mine, I love helping other people find theirs as well.” - DR

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