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About Dustin…

Dustin W Ruge is known as one of the most respected and trusted sales, marketing, and business growth coaches in the nation. In addition to his numerous books and publications, Dustin frequently appears and is referenced in major news and trade publications, business shows, and trains and keynotes at conferences across the nation. Dustin’s career includes over 27 years’ experience ranging from technology startups to Fortune 500 companies where he has received numerous awards and recognition for his work.  Learn More…

Books & Publications 

iQUIT! (June 2022 Release)

How COVID-19, Innovation and the Great Resignation Are Ushering in the Age of the Employee and Changing How We Work Forever. (June 2022 Release)

Beyond The Grey Sky

The Incredible True Story of a Tragic Loss Which Led One Survivor to Meaning, Redemption and Hope, (2019 Release)

The Millionaire Salesperson

The Secrets Behind Why the Top Salespeople Always Win and How You Can Become One of Them. ( 2017 Release)


Why 80% of Small Businesses Fail at Sales and Marketing and how You Can Succeed. (2015 Release)

The Successful Sales Manager

A Sales Manager’s Handbook for Building Great Sales Performance. (2014 Release)

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Keynote Speaking

“Most organizations who ask me to speak need three simple things: GREATER MOTIVATION, INNOVATIVE INSIGHTS, and BETTER RESULTS. That is exactly what I promise to deliver to each and every group I speak to.” LEARN MORE…

continuing education

“I have been providing continuing education classes to professional groups for over a decade now and love it! Nothing is better that helping people find greater success in a more interactive way.” LEARN MORE…

books & publications

“My five books and multiple publications provide business owners and professionals with best practice tools they need to succeed.” LEARN MORE…

free downloads

“I continue to provide free information and downloads to business professionals so they can quickly learn and get started in their journey towards success.” LEARN MORE… 


See what other people are saying about Dustin…

If you are in sales, you have got to get to know Dustin”

Grant Cardone

Best Selling Author, World’s #1 Sales Trainer

It’s amazing to find someone like Dustin, who has such an understanding of professional advertising “

Larry Deutsch

Founding Partner, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers

Dustin Ruge has done an outstanding job analyzing and sequencing the DNA of Superstar Salespeople”

Gerhard Gschwandtner

CEO, Selling Power Magazine

Salespeople rule the world. If you want to become one of them, Dustin’s is the best book with the most tips on how to do it.”

Sam Donaldson

Legendary ABC News Correspondent

Dustin has a unique and uncanny ability to speak and write about complex digital sales and marketing which is why we ask him to speak at our annual summit each year. He simply nails it on the subject.”

Harlan Schillinger

The Grandfather of Legal Advertising

The Work Dustin has done for us in a short amount of time has been truly amazing and we could never have done all this without him. If your company needs a strong and experienced GTM leader, Dustin is simply one of the best and we were lucky to have him help us get to the next level “

Nils Bunde

CEO & Founder at Responsium Inc. 

Dustin Ruge is a gifted writer. I was transported from laughing out loud into being moved to tears. His book is a must-read for everyone”

Dr. Michael F Myers

Author & Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at SUNY Medical Center

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