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Harlan Schillinger

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Warren Levenbaum, CEO, Law Tigers

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Jean Manifesto, Esq.

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Andy Rogers, VP of Sales, Walker Advertising

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Grant Cardone

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Larry Deutsch, founding partner, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers

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Kevin Rhodes, Esq

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Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power Magazine

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 Joe Girard, World’s Greatest Retail Salesman, attested by The Guinness Book of World Records

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Dr. Andy Erlich, Author & Professional International Speaker

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Stephen Fairley, CEO, The Rainmaker Institute

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Thomas A. Freese, Best-Selling Author: Secrets of Question Based Selling

“Dustin, I want to congratulate you on your marvelous accomplishment with The Top 20%.  I’ve read numerous sales, marketing and marketing management books over the years, and I find your book to be one of the best.”

 Warren Levenbaum, CEO, Law Tigers

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Michael LeBoeuf, Best-Selling Author: How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life.


Why We Still Fly The Unfriendly Skies

Why We Still Fly The Unfriendly Skies

Richard Branson was unique: he looked at the airline industry and decided he could do it better…and he did. The former Virgin Atlantic Airways, which he founded in 1984, was famous for their customer service. Ironically Branson’s inspiration came from being booked on a cancelled (undersold) flight from Puerto Rico to BVI. He was so… Continue Reading

Still Need to File Your Income Taxes? Try Mobile – It’s Now FREE!

Still Need to File Your Income Taxes? Try Mobile – It’s Now FREE!

During one of my recent keynotes on The Mobile Marketing Revolution, I discuss many of the industries that have been heavily disrupted (Taxi services, Hotels, Broadcast TV, etc.) or completely decimated (Home Phones, Phone Books, GPS’s, etc.) by mobile technologies. Since we are now coming up on tax season, I added one more industry to… Continue Reading



“Two hundred channels and nothing’s on!” Every heard anybody say these words or better yet, have you said it yourself? Well, that is where we are at today with the average cable TV subscriber paying for around 199 channels while only watching 15 of them. And guess what? Your cable bill continues to climb year… Continue Reading

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