Top 10 Questions to ask an interviewer

Why is this position now open?

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If you are applying for a job that was previously held by somebody else, you will want to know what happened with the previous employee and why it is now open—so you don’t walk into a potentially bad situation. The willingness and candor (or lack thereof) of your potential employer in responding to this question should tell you a lot about what you are potentially walking into here. If the previous person in that role got promoted, retired, or had legitimate personal reasons for leaving, then this question might be a non-issue. However, if that person was fired, quit after a short time, failed to meet objectives, or was a seasoned employee who suddenly quit after a recent change in their reporting structure, then these could all be red flags and may require further questioning by you.


Question #1: Who would I be reporting to and how would you describe their management style?


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