Top 10 Questions to ask an interviewer

“What would people tell me are the top three benefits and the top three challenges in this job?”

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Every job has its pros and cons, despite the rosy picture that has either been presented to you or is simply what you want to hear. Interviewing can be a highly emotional process and therefore can cloud visions and good judgments—especially when we get excited. That is why I always recommend that you ask this question so you can learn two key things. First, what do other people think about working there, and do the top benefits and challenges align well with you and what you really want to be doing and achieving? Second, the response you receive by asking this question and how it is responded to will also tell you something. Are they being open and honest with you about the job? Are they trying to hide something from you? Or even worse, do they even know these details about this job they are hiring you for?

This is also a good time to ask if you can speak to other people in the organization who are in a similar role or are familiar enough with it to help provide you with these answers. Again, the willingness, or a lack thereof, of the person interviewing you to provide you with these contacts could also be a good indication about what you are really getting into here.


Question #1: Who would I be reporting to and how would you describe their management style?

Question #2: Why is this position now open?

Question #3: What was the growth rate of the business last year?


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